PEGA CSSA (Certified Senior System Architect) Training

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Course Description

PEGA CSSA training is the certification course for the designers who have completed the CSA certification. PEGA CSSA Stands for Certified Senior System Architect(CSSA).

You can learn how to create the framework, event management, modeling details, accounting, exchange of knowledge, security, upgrade versatility, and computer interface in PEGA CSSA training.

PEGA course includes executing best works on, perceiving application checking and execution tuning, and tending to standards for security or access in an application.

Learning PEGA CSSA course through online classes is built you hands-on learning experience along with project works.

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Course Content

  • Usage of activities with Blob tables
  • Usage of activities with RDB tables
  • Usage of activities to copy data into page or page list
  • Activity for validation
  • Activities to trigger soap service
  • Activities with service soap
  • Activities with file listener
  • Activities for routing
  • Activities to create new work object
  • Activities with agents
  • Activities with job scheduler and queue processor
  • Activities with report definition

  • Usage of Report definition
  • Reports with joins
  • Sub reports
  • Reports with declare index joins
  • Reports with graphs
  • Triggering reports from manager portal
  • Triggering reports in section
  • Property Optimization

  • Data Pages
  • Keyed Data pages
  • Data pages with activity
  • Data pages with Report
  • Data pages with Soap service

  • Data transform and methods in it.
  • Copying data using data transform
  • Triggering activity from data transform
  • Triggering decision rules from data transform
  • Importance of pydefault Data transform
  • Usage of functions in data transform
  • Importance of superclass data transform.

  • Decision Table
  • Decision Tree
  • Map Value
  • When rule
  • Calling decision rules from other decision rules
  • Activities with decision rules
  • Data transform with decision rules
  • Flows with decision rules

  • Introduction to Declarative Processing
  • Declare Expressions
  • Declare Constraints
  • Declare On Change
  • Declare Trigger
  • Declare Index
  • Forward Chaining & Backward Chaining

  • Introduction to validating user data
  • Methods of data validation
  • Validate rule
  • Edit validate rule
  • Configure validate rule and edit validate rule
  • Validating a flow action using validate rule

  • Clipboard
  • Tracer
  • Log files
  • Live UI

  • Email account
  • Correspondence
  • OOTB activities to send email
  • Flow shapes to send email

  • Service soap
  • Packages
  • Parse rule
  • Stream rule
  • Connect soap

  • This Course will help you to learn how to use integration in pega
  • we have explained how to configure endpoint url , Query string parameters etc.
  • This course will demonstarte how to configure step by step. Also we were showin how to configure Connect-Rest and Connect-Soap
  • In addition this we also showed how to test the Soap/Rest url by passing headers , body using SOAP/Rest Integration wizart

  • Standard Agents
  • Advanced Agents

  • Job Scheduler
  • Queue Processor

  • Product rule creation
  • Import and export wizard
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Real-Time CSSA Training Projects

In addition to emphasising core knowledge on important topics, our CSSA (Certified Senior System Architect) training curriculum aims to deliver high-quality instruction. By exposing students to real-world scenarios and cases from the current industry, teachers may help students develop their skills and prepare them to accomplish projects in the actual world utilising the best practises.

Training Options

Self-Paced Videos

75 hrs of E-Learning Videos
  • Course Duration : 3 months
  • Training Videos : 75 hrs
  • Friday Timings : 7 AM – 9 AM
  • Saturday & Sunday Timings : 7 AM -10 AM
  • Live Training

For Corporates

  • Self-Paced training options
  • Flexible, affordable options
  • Learn as per full day schedule and/or flexible timings
  • Customise your own course content based on your project requirements
  • 24x7 assistance and support


The trainers here are Top-notch professionals in that area with 15 years of experience. They clearly understand how to communicate information to learners in both technological and subject matter.

There are several employment options available in the PEGA CSSA sector. Several PEGA CSSA job profiles are:
  • PEGA Developer - CSSA/PRPC
  • Application Developer: Pega
  • PEGA CSSA Developer
  • PEGA Consultant
  • PEGA System Arch MID

Yes, we have provided a Demo video section on each course page so that you can get a glimpse into the course you want to enroll.
  • Course Duration3 Months
  • Total Hours75